What’s trending this summer 2020?

The COVID pandemic may have been a big stumbling block for the fashion industry this 2020, but that doesn't mean summer can't still be stylish. After you've gone through the news and heard the latest story about the Coronavirus, what do you do to make your mood better? There are games to play, music to listen to and of course, clothes to try. One thing's for certain, dressing up again brings back a tiny fraction of our "old normal."

Despite everyone mostly staying indoors, people still find ways to get the latest updates to keep them in the know on fashion trends this summer. Apart from runway looks on fashion week, reading blogs and magazine sites also inspire good style choices to copy for the season. If you're looking for a sign to change out of your sweats and oversized shirts that may have defined your quarantine fashion, here it is. No matter the changes we face, life moves onwards. Personal style withstands.

And on that note, what's fashionable now?

Before everyone goes quarantine-crazy, here are some fashion trends for Summer 2020:



Summer is almost synonymous with skin. Summer means sunny days spent on the beach and showing off your hard-earned body. But since 2020 forced us to be quarantined within the confines of our homes, people are slowly running out of things to do and are now turning to working out to let time pass while still feeling the productivity. And what better way to show that hardwork off than wearing a bralettes? Without a doubt, wearing these bra-tops will draw everyone's attention on you even as they spot you from a socially-distanced mile away!

A widely photographed streetwear outfit, this is particularly popular as seen on many off-duty models and Instagram fashion influencers who often match them with oversized blazers or open, button-down shirts and trench coats to still keep some of that subtle mystery. When paired together with an outerwear garment, this look faintly screams casual but sexy.

More and more brands have started designing them in different styles that will make you want the same bralette but in your favorite colors. Ranging from cute to flirtatious to down-right sensuous, shopaholics will definitely find one fit for whatever occasion there is, and whatever they're feeling on any given day.

Let's get puffed-up 

While this look has made its way in the fashion scene again last year, it seems like the puffed sleeves are bound to stay. We may have seen a multitude of its variations but the industry just can't get enough of it! As it lingers for another season, brands have been looking for ways to maximize the versatility of this trend. A quick scroll through Instagram will show how tailoring them on tops or dresses, in whatever lengths of sleeve possibly exist, proves to be stylish -- so much so that they've cemented its place into the fashion community. From that app, you'll see the biggest of the puffs seen in high fashion looks, and the understated ones that rookies can try. It even flatters whichever body type you have.

Surely, this trend has made even the most basic of silhouettes strike differently, bringing a little more modernity creating the perfect drama for the up-to-date fashionistas to wear. This is what we love about fashion: how one detail upgrades what was once simple and changes a look completely.

(Long story) Short

instagram.com/annawinck… More specifically, Bermuda shorts. We've seen biker shorts and paper-bag waists yet over time, the shorts kept going lower and lower. While these shorts have regularly been a style staple, Bermuda shorts have been à la mode for the summers. Safe to say, this mid-thigh to just-above-the-knee piece has made its statement in the fashion world. In fact, it is a statement. Many might feel intimidated about pulling off the unusual length but rest assured that these unique shorts will indeed make you stand out. These shorts may initially give off a preppy vibe or a classy look. nonetheless attracting attention no matter what style they're in. With the right length and cut, you'll be looking cool and ready for street style photographers.

Young, Strappy and Pretty

instagram.com/itscamillecoCompliments to whichever fashion house brought this trend to the scene because it will most likely be staying for the summer 2020. As foretold by fashion gurus and seen on trendsetters, the strappy tie-up heels still has all the buzz. This persistent recognition is attributed to the fact that a pair of these shoes can elevate any outfit from easygoing and basic to sophisticated in an instant, to the point that we can no longer ignore it.

The easiness of styling and matching it with different ensembles has made it a it-girl crowd favorite. These minimalist lace-up shoes have made a big rage in recent street style, usually tied over trusty trousers by fashion risk-takers or worn to go with matching co-ords, bringing a little spice and femininity to whichever attire someone has on.

Backless is more

https://www.instagram.com/emmalegerStyle adapts to the atmosphere that the seasons bring. With the cool, refreshing air that summer has, clothes also change hand in hand with the general mood of our surroundings, which is why backless dresses are increasingly popular nowadays. The sun on your back and the feel of hotter summer breeze make these dresses naturally appropriate for this season. Fashionistas in our Instagram feed have been hooked with this style because it makes a simple dress look alluring. Whether paired together with accessories or worn as is, this subtle look remains delicate and just so summer-y, guaranteed to turn heads as you pass people by on the way home after doing quick errands. When you're outside for only a few hours, why not bring your best outfit?

In the prairies

Picture spending your summer in an idyllic countryside, ditching proper shoes and only wearing long, loose-fitting frocks. That's what prairie dresses bring to mind: escaping to Western rural towns for vacation to get away from the busyness of the city. Perhaps this word has made its way to your social media, but it truly encapsulates what the internet calls "Cottagecore". Often seen in floral print, this aesthetically-pleasing clothing feels romantic, and modest -- very reminiscent of traditional times and the soft yearning that remind us of old literature.

As one of the favorite trends this season, these make the daintiest of prints and most feminine of cuts so comfortable yet chic. Come to think of it, isn't this so apt for everyone's ideal stay-at-home lifestyle at the moment? To be able to dress fashionably around the house without sacrificing warmth and coziness? Honestly, how serene is it to imagine yourself gliding at home in flowy dresses of floor-sweeping length. Keep the dreamy vibe alive with these gown-like clothing!

Get dressed (with nowhere to go)

Who knew seeing pretty people dress pretty can actually brighten up a day? So, time to update your wardrobe and look your best with these Summer 2020 trends, even if you're just staying home. Inspiration might be hard to find now that we don't see strangers on the streets. Luckily, since everything is made more virtual, fashion trends appearing online means you don't have to let go of appreciating style like you're used to.

Style is in the everyday. Now, why not try a new outfit and post that photo?

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